The Plant Bar

“It’s like frozen yogurt, but with plants!”



How it Works

Step 1: Pick your planter or terrarium 


- This will determine if you can use sand or soil
- Ceramic planters will get soil
-Glass terrariums will get sand


    Step 2: Pick your plants

    - You can choose succulents OR house plants! 
    - You cannot mix the two though since their watering schedules are different

        Step 3: Meet us at the plant table and we’ll walk you through the rest

        - One of our team members will help you with your sand, soil, and gravel rocks that are included within your plant bar purchase!

        -You can also top your new plant babies with our premium add-ons like plant buddies, tiny hats, glitter, crystals, and other options!


          At the end of it all, the only thing you'll be paying for is the price of your planter, the price of your plant(s), and any of the premium add-ons (such as plant buddies, crystals, etc). 


          If you're creatively challenged don't worry, we'll be more than happy to do all the dirty work for you.




          Let's Talk Pricing 

          *Note: Pricing will be dependent on what we have in stock*
          Ceramic Planters: $8 - $90+
          Glass Terrariums: $22 - $70+
          Succulents & Cacti: $5 - $10 each
          Premium Add-Ons: $1 - $5 each


          Soil, sand, and gravel rocks


          Soil Terrarium with Jade and Clover 


          How to Reserve the Plant Bar


          Want to host your next team building event, bachelorette party, or birthday here at J&C? We got you covered!


          Walk-ins are welcomed at any time.
          For parties over 5, give your local store a holla!
          For Parties of 7 or more, an 20% gratuity will be added during check-out.
          Duration will vary but most reservations are about an hour from start to finish!
          This includes time searching for the right vessel, plant babies, building process, and checking out!
          For very large parties (20+), private reservations, or in-store events, we can work with you! 
          Please contact your local shop for more information.